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About Us

Cronpipe software web,desktop and mobile is a company that specializes in programming.

With expertise on the native programming stands out. The structure of the professional staff of the projects that you want from us the most careful and it is our task to complete as soon as possible.

Our goal is to have a place in developing technology and evolving technology to provide more comfortable and easy life, download and in your pocket.

In all the areas we serve, and our innovative and creative solutions
closely following technological developments, we are dedicated to meet the expectations of our customers at maximum level.

Our mission;

To create a consciousness about how to get the most from the projects of commercial companies. Consulting and training for companies on how to provide a program of indispensable importance Should be to make it part of our service.

Our vision;

Technology, the internet and continuous development to our customers by working to anticipate their needs is to continue with an open structure to follow. "Education for life" approach and accept it as the primary principle of our company our business we see the abandonment of it.

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