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Our payout methods
Paypal and payeer are our main payment methods that we also use now.

When you reach the payout limit, you can make a request from the payout methods.
The minimum payment limit depends on the method by which you will receive the payment.

★ Payout terms are Net 30.

PAYPAL ★ The minimum payment threshold is $ 1.04

Payment Method Paypal

PAYEER ★ The minimum payment threshold is $ 0.50

Payment Method Payeer

In terms of system security and accuracy, the completed tasks are examined one by one.
After the accuracy is achieved, your payout will be confirmed and your payout will be transferred with the chosen payout method as soon as possible.

About the payment steps

Pending : Completed tasks are under review.When the review is completed, the next step is passed.

Approved : Completed tasks have been verified and your payment is expected by the time of submission.

Sent : Your payment request has been completed and your payment has been sent.

Reject : A glitch has occurred in the payment case. You can contact us to find out why your payment is in this situation.